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Welcome to Ethel Ventures- The leading ICT company in Nigeria

With 25+ Years of Experience

Ethel Ventures Limited is a foremost market leader in the computer hardware and software integration sector and a key distributor of computer hardware and software products to private, non-governmental and government organisations in Nigeria and other African countries.
We offer full Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related services; installation of computer systems, networking of computers, supply of accessories and generalized after sales services. We also offer training and
support services to our distinguished clients.

We Provide:

  •  ICT Hardware & Telecom Infrastructure
  • Software Solutions & Applications
  • Network and systems services
  • Domain name and web hosting
  • Technical support and maintenance
  • Training Services

25+ Years of Experience

We have been in the ICT industry since 1998, providing reliable and affordable solutions and services to various sectors in Nigeria. With over two decades of experience, Ethel Ventures has built a reputation for excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction. Ethel Ventures is your ICT solution partner.

60,000+ Happy Customer

We have served over 60,000 customers across Nigeria, delivering quality products and services that meet their needs and expectations. We value our customers and strive to provide them with the best ICT solutions and support.

Quality Services

We are committed to providing quality service to our customers, from the point of sale to the after-sales support. We have a team of trained and experienced technicians who can handle any maintenance and repair issues that may arise. We also offer warranty and guarantee on our products and services. Ethel Ventures ensures quality service at all times.

Global Partnership

We have established a strong partnership with leading ICT companies such as HP, Canon, Samsung, Epson and more. Ethel Ventures is an authorized dealer and distributor of these brands, offering genuine and high-quality products at competitive prices. Ethel Ventures is proud to be a trusted Partner with HP and the sole distributor of Amida Toner

All Orders Are Free Delivery

Ethel Ventures offers free delivery on all orders within Nigeria, no matter the size or quantity. Ethel Ventures has a network of reliable and efficient delivery partners who can deliver your order within the shortest time possible. Ethel Ventures also ensures that your order is well packaged and secured


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