8 GB DDR4-3200 MHz RAM


  • 8 GB DDR4-3200 MHz RAM
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  • DDR4-2400 MT/s Speed Speeds at 2400 MT/s, make everything on your computer faster– load applications faster and run demanding programs without lag. Energy Efficient 1.2V lower voltage modules which can reduce power consumption by up to 40%, increase energy efficiency and extend battery life ensures a green and reliable operation. High Density Crucial DDR4 SODIMMs is twice as much memory as you could install in a DDR3 system, hit up to 8GB and kits up to 32GB increasing your laptop’s multitasking capabilities.

    Improved Bandwidth Crucial DDR4 SODIMMs increase memory bandwidth by over 30%, allowing your system to handle more data at once. Easy Installation Install the memory just a few minutes, high quality chips with strict testing for long lifespan. Specification: Brand: Crucial Form factor: SODIMM Total capacity: 8GB ECC: NON-ECC Speed: 2400 MT/S CL value: 17 Voltage: 1.2V Bandwidth: PC4-19200 DIMM type: Unbuffered Number of item: 1 Item weight: 0.3 Package size: 0.39in Package weight: 0.5


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